Running for Willamalane Parks and Recreation Department Board!

It’s been almost five years since Valerie and I moved back to Lane County, and I think it’s time I gave back beyond my day job. With a big family, we’ve used a ton of services in the Parks and Rec district here, including years of swimming lessons, daily walks on the bike paths and trails, gymnastics classes, you name it.

I’m running for one of three at large board seats for Willamalane. It’s a four year term, and the election is in May. It’s been five years since I served on the Roseburg Planning Commission before moving back home, and I hope I can meaningfully contribute to the Willamalane Board if voters would like to give me that chance. I already serve on my county bar board of directors and for a statewide training and advocacy group for defense attorneys, but I think it makes sense to do something that more directly impacts my family beyond legal organizations.

If you’re a voter in the Willamalane District and you’d like to share your thoughts, feel free to email me.

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