This is the legal site for Brook Reinhard, a public defender in Eugene, Oregon. I grew up in Eugene, attended the University of Oregon, switched majors a few times and ended up a journalist, working newspapers in Astoria, Eugene, Klamath Falls, and even in Bentonville, Arkansas. Then I quit journalism to apply for law school, and played poker for a living until I got in. I graduated Willamette University School of Law in 2009, after clerking for the Polk County District Attorney’s office for a year, as well as for Eugene criminal lawyer Hugh Duvall. I started working at Umpqua Valley Public Defender in September 2009, became assistant director several years later, and was hired to run the public defender’s office in Eugene in August of 2016. I don’t update this website much, sorry!

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  1. Greg Williams says:

    I read your article about Oregon’s criminal justice system. I understand your concerns over the aspects of filing charging but I don’t understand why you think a unanimous vote is always necessary given the fickleness of human nature. I think 10 out of 12 is perfectly reasonable if you consider the notion that some people just want to be difficult, call attention to themselves, or just be contrary. A personality conflict might arise between jurors that affects the vote. Do you want a guilty person to walk free because of that? Let’s put the victims first and not obstruct justice unnecessarily. I believe 12 average people are perfectly capable of reaching a reasonable decision. Don’t most problems with prosecutors arise from withholding various forms of information?
    You concentrated on the after-arrest aspects of the system but I also think we have just as many problems with the enforcement aspect. Lane Co. has a huge problem with heroin and meth that re-sult in a very high rate of property crime yet there is no investigation of residential burglary or auto theft, no arrest, no prosecution, and no punishment. There is no jail to speak of so no one is held for trial and all the counties just got a note from the state to stop sending criminals to prison!
    You’re right, Oregon does have one of the worst criminal justice systems in the country but it’s on both ends.

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