Time for an update

Well I’ve been practicing law for 22 months, but after 20 trials, hundreds of negotiated pleas and a few dozen motions to suppress evidence, I haven’t gotten bored of it. I also haven’t written many blog posts. I’d like to blame that on the Oregon Library of Defense, a blog run by the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association that manages to cover all the new developments in Oregon criminal law as well as tactics and strategy for criminal defense attorneys. With a site like that out there, I’m not sure what the value of having my own site actually is. So instead of case updates, I’m going to focus this site on criminal issues on my radar, as well as notable wins and losses and what I’ve learned from them. I might also try to put a general primer on what to do if you are accused of a crime (short version: Don’t talk to the cops. Lawyer up) simply because by the time I get most my cases, they are seriously broken thanks to the knowledge disparity. The state knows exactly what its doing. People accused of crime? Not so much.

On the table for this week: Going to trial on charges of reckless driving and reckless endangerment. Also, preparing for trials on driving under the influence of alcohol (felony) and assault in the third degree.

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