Playing the waiting game

It’s 8 a.m., and the sunlight is filtering through the east window by the kitchen, pink and orange and still rather sleepy. In a few minutes I’ll be waking up Charlie and taking him over to his grandparents for the day.

54 hours until I receive my bar results.

There’s something uncivilized about taking a 2 day, $1,000 test that determines your ability to practice law, then have to wait 8 weeks to be told whether you’ve passed or not, as you put your entire life on hold and wait.

I begin a job as a public defender in Roseburg on September 28, assuming that I pass the bar on Friday. Valerie and Charlie and I will begin a new chapter in our lives, as we look at buying our first house and finally put grad school completely behind us and start acting like normal people. It’s really exciting. But for the next 54 hours, it’s still a little worrying.

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